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This online report provides an interactive summary of our 2014 integrated annual report. For the full report please refer to the PDF downloads that are available on each page, as well as in the Downloads slider top right.

Our commitment and willingness to succeed has prevailed in the face of tough trading conditions and strategic business changes.

- David Nurek, Chairman


Headline earnings up
Total revenue up
Operating profit up
Normalised operating profit up

More on our financial performance

Our brands, regional performance, sustainability and governance

Our brands

Cider, whiskies, Amarula and wines...

Regional report

Domestic trading conditions have been challenging in an environment of persistently sluggish growth...

Sustainability review

Responsible corporate citizenship is key to Distell’s long-term sustainability and the longevity of the communities it serves.

Corporate governance

The board of directors is committed to maintaining strict principles of good corporate governance...

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