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This online report provides an interactive summary of our 2014 sustainable development report. For the full report please refer to the PDF downloads that are available on each page, as well as in the Downloads slider top right.

Distell is a member of the Association for Responsible Alcohol use (ARA) and actively participates and collaborates with industry bodies and distributors to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Our CSI spend in 2014

Art & culture
Social and community development

2% was spent on environment
*Other includes non-sector-specific donations, enterprise development, employee volunteerism and grants

Responsible drinking, Excise & illicit trade, Chain management and Enivronment


Distell, as a manufacturer and marketer of wine, spirit and alcoholic beverages, respects the right of adults to choose whether or not to consume alcoholic beverages as an acceptable and enjoyable way to celebrate and relax.

Excise and
illicit trade

The South African government, supported by some concerned stakeholder organisations, advocates for the continued increase in excise tax to tackle harmful use of alcohol.

chain management

Distell exerts influence over, and invests in, its supply chain to secure raw materials at the correct quality, volume and price.

Preserving our

Distell is wholly dependent on the long-term health of the environment from farm to consumer.

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